1. Enrolment Registration Form: 

      a. for the Honey Bee Preschool Valentia Road, Reading please download the form bellow, fill it in and send it to


      b. for the Honey Bee Day Care Palmer Park, Reading please download the form bellow, fill it in and send it to 


2. Parent Meeting-  A meeting will be set up with the parents and the head of school as an informal way to get acquainted and share information.

3. Visit day - Children will be introduced to the Honey bee classroom materials and be allowed to explore the environment. Children will be informally assessed by the staff.



  • We offer a range of Early Years education and Child Care services on sessional, day care and clubs basis across our locations as stated under “Enrolment”. Please fill out the full application form as the fees may vary based on your child age, the service requested and your eligibility for Government funding. Our enrolment office will be more than happy to assist you through the application process, assessment of your eligibility for Government funding and quotation of applicable fees  


The Honey Bee Day Care

Monday - Friday

7:30am - 6:00pm

Free Additional sessions in Arabic by native speakers, please ask for more details

The Honey Bee Preschool

   Monday - Thursday:

     9:30 am-13:30pm

      Friday: Closed

Opening hours